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The story behind atole

In the year 2021, Atole Tech  finally opened  its digital doors in New York City.  Atole-tech a digital studio specializing in building websites: from simple clean designs aimed at creative people, to complex enterprise sites capable of handling the demands of  up and coming startups.

Atole Tech emerged during the COVID pandemic. This historic event shifted the world from a physical to a digital one.  The world didn’t “stop”, but evolved. The world is entering a new technological era in which our digital presence is becoming increasingly necessary.  Atole knows the world is full of dreamers who need to display their services in a tangible, yet technological way.  

The truth is that while the world is slowly recuperating,  remote jobs and online services are going to stay and flourish.  Making E-commerce the future!! Meaning you can sell anything you aspire to create from anywhere!

Our mission is to elevate your business by casting a spotlight into its meaning and purpose. We create your brand  from scratch and build upon it to attract the ideal clients for your company.  Atole Tech's goal is to work you to get to the core of your business's identity and showcase it in a creative yet professional way, optimizing your business and converting new clients.



We know starting a business can sound overwhelming, but Atole Tech  is here to help and guide you in figuring out what services you can sell in your website and define your brand. We want to help you diversify your income streams with online products, subscriptions and more! 

Our team loves exploring new ideas, and we want the chance to conduct that exploration alongside other creative people such as yourself. We believe every business and every website is unique, we are committed to knowing  your product and enhancing it by giving it the image and personality you desire.


Who makes the atole?


Lena, the creative

A creative in the most pure sense of the word. Lena is always finding the artistic side of everything. She believes that when we see a film we are transported into another universe, a universe of celluloid and metaphors. When she isn’t watching movies you can find her drawing, taking gorgeous photos of forests, or figuring out how to befriend penguins and Boston terriers.  

Julian, the techie

Loves watching movies, playing videogames and eating tacos. Has encyclopedic knowledge of movie quotes, even movies he hasn’t seen. Is constantly building or learning something new, like making kombucha, or making a robot, or drawing penguins.