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Welcome to Atole

Atole Media is a digital company offering e-commerce and designs for creative entrepreneurs to increase their digital presence and expand their businesses.

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Our services

We provide three paths that suits your business according to your budget.


Unsure where to start? Get inspired by our courses coming soon!


You need your branding but don't have the time and budget to hire someone? Then buy some of our digital products to make your life easier!


If you have a complex project in mind, we are here to help! We provide unique services to develop your site!



Take your brand to the next level with our custom packages! We will create Logos, printables and graphics that match your business's style perfectly. We research your business and in conjunction with the Atole Flavor Quiz we create a Brand that exemplifies who you are and puts your products at the forefront.

We also provide pre-made logos and assets in our store if all you need is something simple.

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We design your site from scratch, from the wireframe, all the way to the final composition. We strive to make your site stand out from all the other sites on the internet. From there we can either build your site in a jiffy or you can take this amazing design to your own developers and have them be amazed at your new site's look!

We also provide pre-made templates in our store. Perfect if you want some quicker or already found the perfect layout! Sometimes we read minds.



We provide high quality, custom websites that allow you to increase your web presence. Our service provides high quality SEO, E-commerce and blogging using the latest technologies for a blazing fast, extremely secure and modern site.

For the techies, we use Gatsby, Shopify, and Ghost as our standard stack. However since the JAMStack is our forte', we can leverage and backend or ecommerce solution that you are already used to and integrate it to your new extremely fast Gatsby site.


Video / Photo

No site or brand is truly complete without actual pictures or videos of your business. Stock photos can only take you so far, and to create a truly unique experience that will resonate with your customers, we provide Photography and videography services of your local business to showcase in your blog, YouTube or site!

That being said sometimes stock photos/videos are needed to get the ball rolling. In those situations, we got you covered too! Visit our store for more info!


Why us?

A look at our company values and what makes us unique.

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At Atole we are not afraid to push boundaries, to go outside the status quo.

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Let's be honest,  business can be dull and robotic at times. Here at Atole we believe that fun and magic can be found in any place, even in invoices and customer conversion rates, yay!

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Always looking into the future, we are constantly updating our skillset and services to be on the cutting edge of technology.

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Art is everywhere. We want to democratize creativity and give businesses the tools to be able to show their vision to the worlds

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Let's Work Together

What is our Process?

How does it work?

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Meet & Strategy

It all starts with our first meeting  to get to know you and your goals so we can find out how to get you there.   Together we will review your project's scope, giving you a timeline, logistics and pricing and once we are all on the same page, we proceed to the next step. We will be contacting you via Zoom at your convenience to get to know you and your brand.

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Design & Development

This is our favorite part of the journey. We get to work and whip up some initial prototypes based on our initial meeting.  These include: A digital wire-frame, to help visually showcase website layout concepts before designing and some logo pre-compositions.   Once approved, we add the last little details and we deliver the products during 1-2 weeks.  You’ll have 3 revisions.

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Launching & Training

This is the final step, we make sure you keep updating your website  We will  provide you a video training, explaining  how to set up a web builder, hosting, and  the rest of the tech terms you may not know. Don't worry, we got you.